Full Name: Ilona Tykotski Grew up: New York Metro Area (since age 11)
Birthdate: September 5th Indianapolis, Indiana (10 - 11)

Birthplace: St. Petersburg (Leningrad), Russia

Rome, Italy (the summer before that)

My name: My first name is Hungarian. The 'I' is pronounced as in "Indiana", not as in "Iowa." The 'O' is short, not ooh. My last name is Polish (long story). I know it seems like alphabet soup, but it is actually simpler: Tuh-kot-skee (the accent is on the kot).
Languages spoken: Fluent: English and Russian
Some Spanish (80%), understand Polish (40%), currently studying French
At one point, Italian and Tagalog (not anymore)
Education: Various public and private schools;
Montclair State University, BA
New York Law School, JD
On accents: I am an AMERICAN girl. I speak English. I also happen to speak Russian. HOWEVER, I DO NOT HAVE A RUSSIAN ACCENT!!! I have no problem trying to do one, but I would like some advance notice.
Favorite places: New York, Miami, Bahamas, Italy
Places I love to go: Martinique, Greece, Bilbao (Spain), Paris
Favorite flower: Orchid
Cats or dogs: I've always thought of myself as a cat person. However, I love Vizslas, Toy Manchester Terriers, and Mini-Pinschers.
Stage OR screen: Luckily, I live in New York. We get to do everything. I just want to ACT! The exact medium has never been an issue.
Music: I had three years of classical piano as a child. I can basically read music, but do not sight read. I do have a great musical memory and learn songs very quickly after I hear them.

I LOVE to sing. I've always known that I could sing. BUT for years I would have extreme stage fright. Many years later, after working with a fantastic voice teacher, George Axiltree, I've conquered it (90% anyway).

I'm a soprano, but I have good lower notes. I am currently trying to regain "the register" (think Mariah Carey at the end of "Emotions"). I used to be able to do that, and I will do it again (with some practice).

Although I am "legit," I prefer to sing pop, rock, R&B, alternative, and non-traditional music theatre.


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