May 28, 2008

So much stuff has happened, but I've written so little these past two months.  So here's some of the stuff that I'll be "backblogging" about (is that even a real phrase?) in the near future: The people I''ve been hanging out with (new and newer) in the past 2 months. The "Coffee and tea festival".  The Tribeca Film Festival.  The Pre-Hamptons party.  Memorial day weekend in the East End and EVERYTHING that happened there (good and bad.)

March 10, 2008

So I'm finally back after a case of the flu.  It's funny, but I've never had the flu before.  I'd like to say that it was great to not have worked most of the week, but I've got to say that I would rather have worked than have fever, chills, cough and cold and absolutely no energy to move or desire to eat a thing.

So, before the week long illness, I managed to become friends with a couple of new people (NS, A? and SH), as well as sing some karaoke with NS, SH, BM and SM.  It was nice to get together acquaintances old and new.  We had a blast, especially for a Wednesday night.  Then, that Saturday I attended Y2's big b-day bash.  She looked fantastic, but I was already feeling like crap.  I drank two glasses of oj/cran juice with club soda, but I think I was already so sick that even an infusion of Vitamin C was too late to make any difference.  The next day, I was out cold.

January 31, 2008

There's nothing like a little impetus every once in a while and in the past few days, I've gotten more than my share.  It all started Friday night (only a few hours after I posted what I did below.)  I met up with A2 and KS at Verlaine.  I hadn't eaten dinner and figured that due to the frigid weather, the place would only be half full and we'd get a table in no time.  After over an hour at the place, and two yummy lychee martinis, we were still nowhere near getting that table.  I HAD to eat, so I suggested that we go to Pala instead.  The wait there was also a half hour.  We kept walking West on Houston until we reached a Spanish place with no tables available.  I knew of one other place that would not be packed.  I've been to White Rabbit twice before.  That place is always half empty (I don't know how they stay in business) and they serve food.  The three of us sat at the bar and I finally fed myself (actually, I devoured three mini burgers and a plate full of fries.)  To the right of us was a large group of people.  It seemed like they were celebrating something.  My two friends started talking with two guys who had come up to the bar to order drinks while I ate.  After an hour or so at the place, we were ready to leave and head out to Tut's (a couple of doors down).  KS was in the ladies' room and A2 was getting someone's number while I got dressed.  All of a sudden, something very shocking happened.  I'm not going to go into details, since those who needed to be told, have been.  However, I felt bad for my new friends, because the situation required an explanation.

The day after, I met up with S? and some others at Union Square.  That group was varied ethnically and age wise. We sat at Cosi across from the movie theater for hours and got to know each other.  One girl in particular seemed very cool.  We exchanged phone numbers, but not emails since we figured that S? could just send all of us one large email.  Unfortunately, that hasn't happened.  I think that I'm going to call C? and just give her my email individually.

There are two other people I still have to meet.  I think that's going to happen this weekend.

Anyway, last night we had dinner at Petrossian.  It was completely delish, by the way.  I LOVE Manhattan below 14th Street, but every once in a while, it's nice to go to a place uptown.   I got home and watched an episode of ""Law & Order" that chilled me to the bone.  It was so similar to my situation, but of course on a much grander scale (add 4 figures and politics.)  But, there were so many details that were similar that it really rocked my world.  I have to find out who wrote that.  Bottom line is, that I now know what I have to do. 

I guess I should thank the powers above for:  Giving me a group of acquaintances who do not feel that they have to respond to a written invitation.  If it wasn't for that, I would not have canceled my party Friday night.  Also, for getting me to realize shortly after the Evite went out, that this may happen and getting me to look at the CL strictly platonic section.  Without that, I wouldn't have posted / answered  people's ads.  Then, I would have not had anyone to meet up with that night and would have stayed home.  Had I not gone to Verlaine...

January 25, 2008

In the spirit of cleansing, I have deleted all of the contents of my blog from September 2004 to just before my last birthday (September 5, 2007.)  It was just time to let go.

January 24, 2008

I have to say that I'm stunned by the death of actor Heath Ledger.  I turned on E! News expecting the lead story to be the Oscar nods, but when they began with his demise I gasped.  When I heard about Brad Renfro, I was saddened, but not really that surprised.  This time, I was stunned.

I've seen most of the nominated films.  I'm missing "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" and "I'm not there."  Maybe I'll get to these this weekend.

I'm really excited about some new social opportunities that are presenting themselves to me.  I feel like I've been stuck in a rut, but it's about to end.

On MLK day, T2 and I went to "Le Cirque" for lunch.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate the spirit of the day than what we did.  It was great to see her again.  It's been a while.  It was also fab not to have to run off to work afterwards.  We took our time and must have been there for over two hours.  I'm also looking forward to dinner at "Petrossian and lunch at "Barbounia".

January 2, 2008

Happy New Year (and Merry Christmas)!

I got so used to doing nothing for 4 days in a row that coming back to work was a real shock for the system.  I did manage to see a few good movies over both mini breaks.  I saw "Sweeney Todd" with the incomparable Johnny Depp, as well as "Charlie Wilson's War."  Still on my list are: Juno, There Will Be Blood, The Kite Runner and possibly American Gangster, The Savages and Before The Devil Knows You're Dead.

My plan to get my friends together for dinner, gift exchange and the sneak preview of 27 Dresses didn't work out.  This was hardly a surprise, but the fact was that not one even emailed me to say that she couldn't make it.  I, of course did see the film which I enjoyed tons more than Knocked Up.   I saw large groups of girls together at the practically sold out show.  It seems that other girls had the same idea that night.  I thought about having "girlfriends envy", but didn't bother since I'm permanently jinxed in that area.

I spent NYE with friends of the family on CPW.  Believe it or not, I actually missed the countdown (long story that I'm not even going to try to get into), but was rewarded with a great view of the Central Park fireworks from their living room windows.

December 4, 2007

Last Thursday night, I went to the third screening at Bryant Park Hotel.  This time they showed "No Country For Old Men" and served Margaritas.  I love the whole private screening room idea, but they have to be a bit more picky with the people who are invited to attend.  I realize that they really have no control over this, but...  The people sitting in front of us got seriously sloshed and left early (thank God!)  I wonder what next month's film will be.

Friday was shopping day.  We went to a few sample sales.  I tried on a shearling that was cute, but would fit me if I were pregnant with sextuplets.  And that was supposedly a size small.  Then, we hit the jewelry stores, Macy's and Lord & Taylor.  I still haven't been to the Bees (Bloomies, Bendel's, Bergdorf) or Sacks.

Sunday I saw "Awake", which was better than I had thought (minus the very long written explanation of the condition under which a person is given general anesthesia, but is still awake and can feel everything that is being done, at the beginning of the film.)

Yesterday, KS and I went to this shopping event at BLVD.  It's funny, I've been to that place a few times, but never just as a place to go at night.  Every time I was there, it was for a sponsored event (shopping, entertainment industry...)  Not that I think it would have my type of crowd or anything.  Crash Mansion next door seems to have good bands, so that might be worth checking out in the future.  Anyway, I bought a tye-dyed hat and a really pretty silver ring.  KS bought a dress that can be worn in summer or winter.

After work, I'm going to Grant Wilfley open registration call.  I hope that I'm not there for hours and hours, but who knows.  Normally I wouldn't bother, but since they cast EVERYTHING from tv and film to B'way, I really shouldn't miss this.  Not to mention that they're just blocks away from work.  I'm actually looking forward to this.

November 29, 2007

I had a nice, relaxing Turkey Day until I found out that Rachael Ray claims that my stuffing is her mother's stuffing. Now, I know that I didn't invent the thing, but I'm sure that I got it off some website totally unconnected to RR.  Anyway, the day after, we went to the mall and saw "August Rush".  I know that it got very mixed reviews, but I liked the film.  What I didn't like, was the fact that with all of these Black Friday "sales", I was unable to buy the camera I wanted at the price I wanted.  Saturday, Y2 and I had drinks at the White Rabbit and then saw "Lust, Caution".  I'm not sure why it got an NC-17 rating.  It was just two people having straight sex, in a variety of positions.  There was no full frontal male nudity and a brief glimpse of the female's pubic hair.  Big deal.  I had a much bigger problem with the ending, as did Y2.  I was pretty shocked to find out that the 2 1/2 hour extravaganza was based on a SHORT STORY!  Holy shit!  How the Hell did that happen?

That Sunday, I saw "Enchanted." I know, I was prepared to hate it as much as the next person, but it was actually pretty funny and sweet.  Amy Adams did steal the film.  She is very good at playing these innocent little minxes.  Much better than the horrible way she was miscast as Katherine Merzeul in that prequel "Cruel Intentions 3" (or was it 2?)  I simply did not buy her as the bad girl for a second, especially after the fantastic job that Sarah Michelle Prinze (Gellar) did in the original.

I finally got the camera I wanted on Cyber Monday.  I'll have it by tomorrow, which is great, because I have tons of stuff coming up and having a camera will be priceless!!!

November 19, 2007

Three Saturdays ago, I had brunch with SM, Y2 and BM at Pangea.  We decided to try "Eight minute dating", just for laughs.  Years ago, OK and FJ tried to get me to do it with them, but they were much more serious about it than these girls, so I decided not to even bother.  This time, the prospect is much more appealing to me.

Friday after that, KS and I went to Ch'i Gallery in W'burg for an opening of a modern artist named Alexis Portilla.  The art was quite interesting and expensive.  KS and I had the same 5 favorites. We got to chat with CJ who works there, met the gallery owner and the artist and had some champagne and munchies.  Afterwards, we went to Bacci & Abracci, an Italian restaurant a few blocks away and had a fantastic meal.

A funny thing happened on my way to meeting up with KS that night.  I was in a large crowd exiting the PATH station at 14th Street when I saw someone dragging a suitcase down the stairs headed for the train.  Since most people exit the station, he kind of stood out.  I then realized that I knew him- he was PE, a guy I know from the house in Southampton (and the last person I expected to see at that location, ever.)  we both did our double takes and said hello.  it turned out that he was on his way to Lehigh (his alma mater) for Homecoming or alumni weekend or some frat reunion thing.  His friend was picking him up in Hoboken and I guess they were driving or taking the train down.  I told him where I was heading and then we both had to go in our separate directions.  it was just really odd to see him then and there.

The next night, Y2 and I met for dinner at Suba on the LES. I hadn't been that far East in years (on Delancey.)  I was shocked at the amount of new high rise building construction going on there. The restaurant was beautiful, pricey and the tapas were apportioned so as to be shared by two (according to the waiter).  In reality, not so much!  The food was really good and probably oozing with calories, but I think that we mixed too much (fish, short ribs, lamb, cheese plate.)  A few hours later, I was feeling a bit unsettled.  Afterwards, we joined KS, SM and a bunch of her friends at Arlene's for a "CD release party."  The band was called "Prankstar."  The drummer is a longtime friend of SM's.  She told me that they were jazz, etc.  In reality, they were a mix of alternative rock with a bit of a bluesy-ska feel.  There was no real party, they just did a set and then went upstairs where they sold their cd's for $5 (should have been $10.)  The band was good, so I bought a cd as well.  KS got hers autographed by the entire band.  Afterwards, we were all supposed to go to a sports bar around the corner, but Y2 begged out saying that she wasn't feeling well.  The rest of us continued on.  I really don't know SM's friends too well and they weren't overly friendly.  I chatted with SM and KS a bit, had a blueberry mojito which was horrible and left a bit over an hour later.

Last Friday night, SP and I went to the Billion Dollar Babes sale at the Altman Building.  SM and KS were supposed to come with me (you had to RSVP), but both begged out.  SP happened to be free and we went.  SP bought a Carlos Miele cashmere/silk turtleneck and a beautiful brockade jacket for very little $.  Both fit her perfectly.  Afterwards, we went to Safran, a nouvelle Vietnamese restaurant on 7th bet. 15th and 16th.  The food was delicious and the waiter LOOOOVED us.  Of course we tipped him really well...

So my cable is now working once again (as of Saturday afternoon.)  After 3 weeks of not knowing what the Hell was going on, being able to see all the channels clearly feels like a luxury!

Last night, my mother and I went to the Angelica and saw "Margot at the wedding."  I have mixed feeling about it.  The acting was superb, the characters completely flawed and barely likeable.  My mother swears that she saw movement when Nicole Kidman scrunched her forehead (maybe she was in between Botox sessions at the time of the shoot?)  It made me think that intellectuals shouldn't have children.  Then again, I also think that stupid people shouldn't have children.  I'm not quite sure who's then left to populate the planet.  Afterwards, we went to Tsampa for dinner.

October 31, 2007

P2 came back to town last weekend.  It was great to see her again and hear all about her new life in SF.  She seems to be doing really well out there, although she isn't exactly in love with SF.  She doesn't like the weather, the public transportation system isn't that great and the lack of diversity was culture shock to the girl.  DK seems to be doing better out there than here.  He was cast as the lead in "A Secret Garden" and has a really well paying temp job that might become permanent.  Clearly, the coastal change did him a world of good.

Sunday was my mother's b-day.  We spent the afternoon opening her presents.  Luckily she liked most of them (which is good, since I spent all previous Sunday walking around town getting them for her.)  I took her to "Matador" for dinner.  They have a great prix-fixe dinner menu that includes a glass of sangria and coffee/tea.  The food was fantastic!

October 19, 2007

So far, the fall movie season has been quite disappointing.  I saw "Michael Clayton", which although entertaining is being way overhyped.  It was too long and not half as interesting as I had been led to believe by all the press.  I was also looking forward to the "Elizabeth" sequel, until I heard the reviews.  I just read the NY Times reviews for both "Reservation Road" and "Things We Lost In The Fire" and they were very mediocre.  This leaves me with "Rendition", which seems both entertaining and well reviewed.  Come to think of it, the two best films I have seen recently were "The Jane Austen Book Club" and "The Kingdom."  I'm also going to see "Gone Baby Gone" at a private screening next week.  I'm looking forward to that one, although I think that the screening should have been last night (just like "Eastern Promises".)

I have a week to get my mother a birthday present.  I have been sorely lagging behind on that one.  I knew what I wanted to get her months ago, but didn't bother following up and now that item is no longer in stores.  I'll have to spend all of Sunday walking up and down NYC stores looking for things.  Luckily I have no plans with anyone that day.

October 9, 2007

Sunday night, Y2, SM, KS and I decided to watch "female amateur jello wrestling".  Why?  because BM had been doing it for months.  We agreed to meet at 6:20 p.m. in front of Landmark Sunshine on Houston.  From there, we were going to walk to Verlaine, have dinner and drinks and walk to Arlene's Grocery.  Why the hell this thing was being held in a LES rock club is beyond me, but...

Anyway, at 6:10, I was at 14th and 6th ready to hop on the F.  It turns out that the F wasn't running (the booth guy didn't make it clear if at all, or just at that particular stop.)  I decided to hop into a cab.  Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to catch one, so I decided to go to 13th and 5th (South heading traffic.)  Of course I called my friends and told them to head to Verlaine.  Around 6:30, after I had been standing on 5th for 10 minutes, I got so pissed off that I began walking South.  I stopped every few blocks and tried to get that cab, but to no avail.  There were plenty of cabs, but they were all full.  Every corner along the way had people trying to do the same thing I was.  I walked all the way down to Houston and Mulberry before I was lucky enough to snag one (purely by accident, as a couple was heading out and I jumped in.)  I finally got to the restaurant by 7:05!!!  I was pissed off, let me tell you.  Dinner was fine and we began to walk East to Arlene's.  Then, Y2 told us that she was going to head back uptown to meet up with her cousin.  I was shocked since I thought she was coming with us.  After all, BM is her friend as well, but whatever.  The three of us forged on.

We got to Arlene's, paid the $5 fee and got a good vantage point for the event.  It seemed that most people there were friends of the wrestlers.  There was definitely not enough jello and the "cubes" were tiny, about a quarter of the size of a standard ice cube.  I thought that was a bit odd.  Before the "show" a punk all girl trio called "The Besties" went on.  They were ok, but more pop than punk (although they were a bit Blondie-esque, so...)  They did a good cover of Berlin's "Metro" (which my friends didn't know the words to, scaring me a bit.)  The bouts themselves were rather short, a bit boring and somewhat "fixed."  BM wasn't there, but we figured she'd be in round two.  When round two began (with round one winners) SM and I knew there was something wrong.  I went outside and called her.  She was at home.  It turns out that she wasn't feeling well and forgot that we were coming, she apologized up and down... We had enough of the jello wrestling and got out of there.  We decided to go for dessert and found a really cute place called Pala, right off Allen (below Houston).  They had really delicious looking gourmet pizza and I decided to forego the dessert for a pie."  We liked the place and are definitely coming back there again soon.  As for the jello wrestling, probably not so much.

October 4, 2007

The Friday that "The Jane Austen Book Club" opened in limited release, I, of course went to see it.  Afterwards, we used the Max Brenner gift card that P2 had given me for a birthday, or Christmas (or whenever it was, since it's been at least a year.)  Anyway, I had never been there before, but conveniently, there is a restaurant right across the street from the movie theater in Union Square.  Not only was the food delish, but as we were waiting for the waiter to bring us the dessert menu, he came back with a small plate of gorgeous looking candies.  "You're in luck" he said.  ABC is doing a promotion and buying the first 75 women dessert.  Perfect, I thought.  It turned out that the promo was for "Big Shots" the new Dylan McDermott / Michael Vartan show which I was going to watch anyway.  This was the icing on the cake.  By the way the candies were spectacular (and I'm not much of a chocoholic.)  As it turns out, Michael Vartan, who I always thought was French (because he was born in Paris), is French only by nationality.  Ethnically, he is half Polish and half Bulgarian. That would explain why his Russian was always so good on "Alias". 

I did watch "Big Shots", but was surprised with the woman they had playing his wife.  She looked so much older than he did and was not hot at all.  Seriously, I can name at least 10 actresses who would have looked so much better in the role, especially since SHE cheats on HIM with his boss!

Getting back to Jane Austen, I treated myself to the 10th Anniversary edition of "Pride and Prejudice" BBC miniseries with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.  Can't wait to get that in the mail!  It's so funny that I'm so obsessed with Colin AND Nathaniel Parker ("Inspector Lynley Mysteries").  I'm not usually into British men, but these two definitely meet the dark and brooding criteria, so I'm adding them to my   exceptions list which also includes Hugh Dancy with his big blue eyes (even if he is dating Claire Danes) and my personal pick for James Bond, Clive Owens.

I had my hair done on Saturday.  As the thermal reconditioning took out the last of my already nonexistent hair color, I managed to ask the stylist if there was anything I could do to strengthen, repair and moisturize my hair.  She told me to start using a protein treatment.  I ordered Frederick Fekkai's online and can't wait to get that shipped.

The situation with the slightly unpleasant incident after my B-day party has also been resolved as well.  I'm waiting to get my money back from LS.

September 17, 2007

So, my B-day party was fabulous.  Everyone was there: Y2, BE, SM, KS, LS, LJ, NS and BM.  We ate, drank and sang karaoke.

Last Thursday night, I was at the Bryant Park hotel private screening room, sipping ZYR vodka on the rocks and watching a private screening of "Eastern Promises" a full day before it opened in NYC.  This was the life!!!

Friday, I saw "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster.  Saturday, I had brunch with KS, SM and her brother and sister at Primitivo Osteria.  Then, I met up with my mom and saw "Silk" at the Angelika.

Afterwards, we stopped by Sammy's Noodle Shop.  The fortune cookie I got said "A true friend will only ask for your time, not your money."  The fact that this little morsel came exactly two years and one week too late, hasn't escaped me!

September 11, 2007

God bless all those who were injured or died on September 11, 2001 in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC and their families and other loved ones.

God bless the rescue workers at all of the crash sites, as well as those who have supported them materially, emotionally and physically.

God bless all of the US soldiers who have died, been injured and/or are serving our country domestically and abroad, as well as their families and loved ones.

God damn to HELL all of the 9/11 hijackers, planners and all those who have and continue to provide physical, monetary, psychological, emotional or religious support to them and others like them.

God bless the United States of America!

September 5, 2007

Today's my birthday and... (O.K. So I totally forgot the rest of the Sugar Cubes lyrics.)

So far, it hasn't been half bad.  Let's see, most of the people I invited to my party are actually coming.  SM called me at work and sang the birthday song to me.  My cousin married a girl who looks like Brooke Shields around 4 a.m. EST (but it was 10 a.m. in Heidelberg, Germany where he lives.)  I read OS's novel online (well, skimmed through it really.)  It was just fine for chick lit, but I wasn't overwhelmed by its' quality. 

I have now confirmed (well, for myself anyway) that MW, my celeb crush is gay (boo hoo hoo.)  It's not that I tend to belive Mario Methhead (sp?)  However, in this case, it wasn't what he said, but how he said it that had me convinced that this one time, he's actually right.  You have no idea how much it pains me to admit this!  I wouldn't mind this really, had he just continued to skirt the issue (pun intended) and not given a foreign mag an interview where he specifically said "I know that there are rumors out there...it's all about fantasy... it's o.k. if people imagine me with a girl or a guy... I AM NOT GAY!"  Maybe he's bi?  A smart journalist would then have followed up that question with "O.K., so you say that you're not gay, but are you straight?"  That should have caught him off guard enough for the interviewer to see which one he is.  Luckily, CD, my other celeb crush is very straight (and seems to be quite single.)  Now if I could just get my butt down to LA and actually meet him!




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